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Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration.

Praise For The Triumph Of The Soul

"What a testament of faith and the Grace of God. These stories moved me to tears...tears of joy!"
~Diane Dorce',Author, 52 Broad Street

“The Triumph of My Soul takes you on a journey, beyond the masks and facades we create in our "perfect little world" and forces us to move from relying on our own abilities to total trust in the Father.”
~Wanda B. Campbell, Author, First Sunday in October

“Awesome, heartfelt and inspirational read. These incredible short stories will make anyone who may be going through a family crisis, abuse, health problems, a heartbreak and whatever life dishes out, to feel a sense of relief, uplift and awareness. These stories prove how important faith in God is.”
~Tinisha Nicole Johnson, Author/Writer/Poet

“Inspiration is generously offered through the written words of each contributing author of TheTriumph of My Soul. Within its pages, we become acquainted with an immutable truth; that truth being that He will never leave nor forsake us. It is a work that will most assuredly cause its readers to reflect upon their past and present views on life.”
~Dr. Linda Beed, Author, Business Unusual

"The Triumph of My Soul is a testament of the power of the spirit and prayer in our daily lives. Through these authors, we repeatedly see how God "shows up and shows out." It can be illness, death, depression or lack of worldly goods; if you take His hand and let faith lead you, nothing can stop you. This book is uplifting for the mind, body and soul.”
~Sydney Molare’, Author

The Triumph of My Soul is an engaging, thought provoking, spirit-filled anthology that will grip the reader like a vice from the very first page. Appropriately titled, The Triumph of My Soul reminds readers that God will always do what He says He's going to do--if you just believe.
~Dwan Abrams, Author of Only True Love Waits

"Thought provoking and inspiring. The Triumph of My Soul reminds readers that no matter what obstacles you face, you're never alone."
~Lacricia Peters, author Girl, Naw!

"Often we find ourselves feeling as though we just can’t win for losing. In The Triumph of My Soul, readers will find that they are not alone. This is more than just a book of short stories; you have been given a personal invitation to share in a journey. You will laugh, cry, and be utterly amazed by what these authors and/or their characters have had to conquer. Most importantly, you will be inspired to rise above your circumstances and press forward. Treat yourself and experience The Triumph of My Soul. You will be better for it."
~Janet West Sellars, Author of Quiet As It’s Kept and the forthcoming, Can’t Let Go.

"Many times in life we face disapointments and pain. As women, feel alone because we learn early on who our friends are as we battle our self esteem issues. The Truimph of My Soul gives us hope as we are reminded we are never alone! God is always present."
~Minister Nicole L. Warren, Vashti School for Future Leaders



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